I am a conceptual jewellery artist who is creating both unique and serial jewellery, working in a small studio located between the forests of Southern Estonia.

Contemporary jewellery art is more like the art of materials by its nature, jewel by its disposition determines its limits. Those two aspects are perfect for me, they offer an opportunity to experiment with the wide range of materials, trying to cast them still into the pure, wearable form.

I love the variety that creating jewellery involves. Emotionally, and technically. On the one hand it is for me all about the process: the tranquility I feel while working in my workshop, the excitement what accompanies by experimenting with new materials or techniques, challenges I set up to myself and mostly manage to accomplish... My practice is driven by my own interest for materials and techniques. On the other hand it is about the result - it may be beautiful, it may look ugly, it may be created from recycled plastic or from silver – but every time it carries a story or a little message. I’d like to push the hidden buttons in the peoples hearts ...


In my childhood I sewed and drew all the time, so it was pretty logical to go for studies of tailoring and fashion design. But then computers came, being so interesting and exciting – I got my second master's degree in Information Technology and had a long and great career as software developer/architect. Years ago, something started to itch inside of me, I didn’t feel happy and fulfilled at work. I understood that deep inside I just want to make something with my hands and heart, something that would carry a message, challenge myself, and offer pleasure for others. So, I studied again, this time jewellery and blacksmithing. I left my last workplace, Skype, in the summer of 2016 for the jewellery art.

Since then I have put all my heart, energy and time into building up my own jewellery brand - Kadi Veesaar Jewellery and participating in art jewellery exhibitions.



Pärnu 27.08.1976


1994-2001 Tallinn University of Technology, Textile technology and fashion design, MSc

1995-1997 Tallinna Tehnikakool, Tailor

2003-2005 Tallinn University of Technology, Informatics, MSc

2013-2015 Estonian Academy of Arts, Department of Jewellery and Blacksmithing


2000-2016 different positions in the area of the software development and architecture design (Ministry of Finance, Affecto Estonia OÜ, Skype Technologies OÜ)

2016- freelance jewellery artist; owner, CEO and artist of the brand ‘Kadi Veesaar Jewellery’


2011-2013 individual goldsmithing workshops tutored by Krista Lehari. Tallinn, Estonia

2013 Exploring the Boundaries. Anticlastic raising. Benjamin Storch, Volterra, Italy

2014 Bracelet mechanisms. Jens Clausen (EAA), Tallinn, Estonia

2014 Nunome-Zogan – a blink into traditional Japan. Traditional japanese inlay technique. Elisa Deval (Alchimia), Florence, Italy

2015 Jewellery is a language, lets speak it! Philip Sajet, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 Japanese Traditional Copper Alloys and Colouring. Kimiaki Kageyama (Alchimia), Florence, Italy

2015 Hollow core casting. Peter Bauhuis, Munich, Germany

2017 Transformational Leadership and Motivation. Patricia Toti, Tallinn, Estonia

2017 Exploring pigments and gold leaf surfaces on metal. Lucia Massei (Alchimia), Florence, Italy

2018 Anticlastic Raising. Michael Good, Rockport, Maine, USA



2014 Shadow. Courtyard of the EAA, Tallinn, Estonia

2014 Ferromenaalne. Tallinn City Gallery, Tallinn, Estonia

2015 PINNAALL. Jaani Seek, Tallinn, Estonia.

2016 Symbiosis 3. Lihula manor, Lihula, Estonia.

2017 Symbiosis 4. Light. Lihula manor, Lihula, Estonia

2018 The contemporary metal art biennial METALLOphone 4: SIGNATURE. The House of Signatures, Vilnius, Lithuania.



2017 Telephone. Together with Katrin Veegen. Tartu Nature House, Tartu, Estonia



Jewellery and Blacksmithing department’s collection. Tallinn. Estonia