Every time I experience an impressive natural phenomenon- a big thunderstorm, a heavy snowstorm, extraordinary colorful sunset or sunrise- I feel suddenly lost, my heart and mind fall into a little chaos. The power of nature, the beauty of these moments, the knowledge of how fleeting they are and how they never will be the same... The desire to capture every second of it forever, the hopelessness of this task...


Within this collection I try to capture a moment, to materialize something which is in essence so immaterial. 

Isn't it what we as people do?! Instead of enjoying the moment we always hassle to take a photo, to collect a little stone or shell to memorize, to make memories feel real. As memories tend to change over time between the thick layers of data in one's brain, something physical leaves an impression that we do remember…

Ironically it takes 17 hours to build up this materialized moment.


In Between the Layers I, brooch, 2017

Copper, silver, acrylic pigments


In Between the Layers II, brooch, 2017

Copper, silver, gold leaf, patina